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 The  Lost Codes

Dakota Jackson is that  rare breed: successful graphic designer by  day-Internationally known secret agent evenings,  weekends, and most holidays. His specialties are  corporate identities and thwarting insane dictators hell  bent on ruling the world. Can he find the McGuffin stone  and decipher it's secrets written in the arcane language  of HTML? Can he rescue his partner in both business and  pleasure from a group of albino Nutzies? Can he  save the world from their insidious plan to addict the  world on their fat-free fudge brownies?

Chapter 1:
A Plain Brown, Bloodstained Wrapper

Chapter 2:
Cunning Plans

Chapter 3:
Death takes a cruise

Chapter 4:
A little underwater music

Chapter 5:
International House of Toast

Chapter 6:
Just Loafing Around

Chapter 7
 Just Hanging Around

Chapter 8
Seeing Things

 Chapter 9
Fish Stories

Chapter 10
Merman to Mermen

Chapter 11
The Scenic Route

Chapter 12

Chapter 13
The Value of nothing

Chapter 14
Garbage Out

Chapter 15
All Rights  Reserved

Chapter  16
Things Only A Narrator
Could Possibly Know:

This chapter contain the  secret of all the stories. Before you read it,  you should at least attempt a guess. Send me e-mail with your guess, and I'll  give you the secret URL of the last chapter.  Currently, the last chapter is free to  anyone with a guess, but in the future there will  be a small charge to read it!

E-mail me and let  me know what you think.

Copyright © 2005 Daniel Will-Harris,

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