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Stories. We’ve been telling them to each other since the start of time. Whether it’s for entertainment, or commerce, stories move people.

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Rite Now is a remarkably effective practice you can use everyday to find deeper, more compelling stories - and have fun doing it. Learn more...


My newest series of stories, Autobiographies of other people are written using my new method called “Subliminal Fiction.” Rooted in improv and acting, this is storytelling at its most primal--putting yourself in somebody else’s place and experiencing through them. This method helps writers break through and write.

I will start teaching workshops in this new technique later this year. Sign up to be the first to know! (I don’t email you about anything else. If you’re in the San Francisco Bay area, I could choose you to be part of a free beta workshop!)




The SchmoozeLetter is a personal e-mail story newsletter with over 30,000 opt-subscribers. "You're going to look back and laugh at this someday." That's something I tell myself and what I do in these stories—rewrite the past and change shock to shtick, transform tears to laughter.

I call it What's "LOLchemy" a combination of LOL (the web acronym for "laughing out loud") and alchemy.


my-wife-and-times-cover-homeMy Wife & Times is based on stories from the Schmoozeletter, as well as new stories. This easy-to-read book is perfect for the bathroom (or virtually any room--even the great outdoors).

Creative tech writing

Tech books can be so boring they put you to sleep--or at least into a kind of stupor, and you can’t learn when your brain shuts down that way.

My writing is known for being conversational and easy to ready. I’ve always written “as if I’m talking to a friend.”

In 1985 when I wrote the first book about Desktop Publishing on the PC, called Desktop Publishing with Style.

It continued with my best-selling book WordPerfect Desktop Publishing in Style that sold over 250,000 copies. TypeStyle: How to choose and use type on a personal computer, was written with the Bitstream type foundry where I worked with Matthew Carter, designer of Georgia and Verdana.

Doctor Daniel’s Windows Diet was a radical departure for computer books--just 120 5x5” pages, illustrated with Ron & Joe’s whimsical line art, the book told readers the most important basics they needed to know. The title was based on my belief that diet books are always best-sellers--and the fact that the book was light and easy to swallow!

Now I’m doing copywriting for tech companies--if you want someone who can turn something boring into something captivating, contact me.


Huffington Post: I was invited to write for the Huffington Post / Post50, edited by Rita Wilson and Debra Ollivier. Ongoing.

frickinGeniuslogoFrickingenius - Thoughts of writing, design and the world at large.

An Actor’s Life for Me - My latest experiences on the set of a thrilling drama, or a dramatic thriller. Want to see my acting work? Look here.

My Fifteen Minutes - My  experiences acting in an independent film, and my thoughts on acting and movie making from years of experience.

Ancient History: The Wire - My editorial column ran on Eyewire, a progenitor of fonts.com) from 1997-1999. Are my predictions prescient? See for yourself.

The  Lost Codes... Read this action/adventure story about Dakota  Jackson--that rare breed: successful graphic designer by  day-Internationally known secret agent evenings,  weekends, and most holidays.

Wallet  Reading! Who are you? Who are  you? Who are you? And who are they? These, and countless  other questions will be answered by following the simple  steps outlined in this revolutionary book.

 This is the introduction  to my new book, to be published this fall, so you're  seeing it first here. Other chapters, plus an interactive  self-wallet-reading system will follow. Please feel free to send me comments .

Comfort Foods, an introduction - My mother's  last cookbook was all about "comfort foods." This is my introduction about food and life.

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