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Fusion’s DHTML control is impressively simple, yet effective. An “actions” dialog lets you select what happens when the user’s mouse is over, off, or clicks any object). Objects can interact with each other, appear and disappear, fly on and off the screen. If you’ve ever used PowerPoint, then you’ll know how to do all this almost immediately. (The JavaScript Fusion writes to perform these tasks could take years to learn how to program.) Fusion’s Dynamic pages work the same on both Navigator 4 and IE4, even though these browsers can each require different HTML and JavaScript code to perform the same tasks. This means that you only need one version of your site to support both major browsers. Even these complex pages “degrade” well on older browsers, so that those visitors still see something readable. Click here to return to review.


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Daniel Will-Harris is a designer and author whose work can be found at http://www.will-harris.com. His site features TypoFile Magazine and Esperfonto, the web’s only typeface selection system. He may be reached via e-mail.

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