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Nice to see you. Come on in. Make yourself at home. We've got information about design, typography, fiction, computers, rodents, food, shopping, and of course, much more...
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EsperFonto EsperFontotm. Is selecting fonts making you a nervous wreck? Are you tired and listless? Do you poop out at parties? Are you unpopular? Use the Web's only system to help you find the most appropriate typeface.

TypoFile TypoFile Magazine For type lovers (or lovers of type). Not for those of you too embarrassed to say "Font" in public! Typofile blows the lid off the type scene! Cross Bars! Counters! Bowls! Sans Serifs! TypoFile is inspiration for the graphically- impaired and amusement for the jaded.

Writing The Writing Office features amusing and informative fiction and non-fiction on topics ranging from rodents to wallets (wait, that's just r-w not a-z...). More words than seem natural (or even possible)! Fiction & Non. Techie and Not. Hardware, software, underwear. Lots of Opinion.

Design The Design Office includes a gallery of art (so maybe it's just a very long hallway, so who's counting?) Pictures! Examples of graphic design in action! Rated PG-13, but may be too intense for younger viewers. Book covers! Package Designs! Corporate IDs from hell!

Toni's Territory. Enter Toni's world of terror and the unknown! Thrill to wildlife (animals, not parties) as she chronicles the Point Reyes Chipmunk Observatory & Gardens. Learn more than you really wanted to know about Rodent Psychology. Whatever you do, don't go up the stairs!!! (use the elevator).

The Store Room is not unlike our personal Home Page Shopping Network! We've got tutorial videos (oooh), we've got snappy little page design templates for Word for Windows and WordPerfect for Windows to help you look your best. We've got fonts, too! Seem too good to be true? You'll never know until you look.

The Kitchen That's not mold, it's frost! What's in the fridge? New recipes. Hot Links! Movie and TV reviews. Restaurant and food product reviews. Gossip!

GuestThe Guest Room. What house would be complete without a guest room, or, as in our case, a complete suite. You'll find short stories and articles of all kinds written by, you guessed it, our guests. If you're interested in being a guest, drop me a line.

MailThe Mail Room is waiting for your e-mail. I'm interested in what you think. Really.



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