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Download Georgia and Verdana, the best fonts for the web, for free!

List Your Fonts

There's a simple way to make sure people see the right default fonts if they don't have other fonts you specify (such as Georgia, Verdana and Trebuchet).

In your HTML, you simply list alternate fonts, like this:

Font face=Georgia,Times New Roman,Times

Then if they don't have Georgia, they will see Times New Roman. If they don't have Times New Roman they'll see Times.

You can add one more thing to this list, either "serif" or "sans" but I strongly recommend that you don't.

Why? Because browsers are not good at selecting alternate fonts. They can choose wacky, impossible to read display faces instead of just simple Arial or Helvetica, as they should.

So make the list font name on your list a real font you know people will have. This ensures they won't see some funky-ass font.


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