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Flash & Fairy

Download Georgia and Verdana, the best fonts for the web, for free!

In the past, there were two options for font embedding: Bitstream's TrueDoc for Netscape Navigator, and Microsoft's WEFT for the Internet Explorer.

TrueDoc worked really well, and at one point even worked on both browsers, but for some reason it never took off.

WEFT works adequitely on IE on Windows, but nothing else. This doesn't make it universal enough to be really effective.

IE's font embedding has the added problem of making the fonts too easy to steal, so font designers aren't happy and are marking their fonts "non-embeddable" and designers aren't happy because they can't necessarily use the fonts they want, and the end result is that almost no one is using Microsoft's system either.


Don't use either. It's sad, but true. The web is still the only medium of communication that is mostly type where you can't adequitely control the typefaces your reader sees.

There are still two possibilities, though. Read about them.


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