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Download Georgia and Verdana, the best fonts for the web, for free!

People Against Aliasing! - Anti-Alias

What's aliasing--jagged edges that make type looks cheesy on-screen. Anti-aliasing is a system whereby the edges of letters use shades between the color of the type and the color of the background as shown above. The first heading is aliased, the 2nd is anti-aliased.

Here's what anti-aliasing is really doing--you can see it better when its enlarged:


Just make sure that when you set your graphic type, the background color in the graphics program is the same as it will be on the web site--otherwise you'll get a "halo" effect that's really worse than not anti-aliasing at all!


Some people don't like anti-aliasing--they think it makes text look fuzzy. Others prefer it. It's a matter of personal preference.

If you use a program like CorelXara or XaraWebster (which is included on your conference CD), all text is automatically anti-aliased, both on-screen and in your export, so what you see is always exactly what you get. Very handy, with excellent results.

Colors: Make sure to use the browser-safe 216 colors for the solid areas of type--otherwise they will dither. The small anti-aliased areas will create non-browser safe colors, but these areas are so small that the dithering just smooths them further.

The best web-safe color resource I know of is at:


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