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Color is tricky on the web. What you see may not be what other's get. Choosing the wrong color (especially in graphic backgrounds) creates, at worst, dithering that can make type unreadable; or at best shows your visitors a different color than you see yourself.

To make sure you design wisely, choose a "browser safe" color from this useful table--and use the link to the best site about color on the web. While many sites show color chips, this site shows text in both black and white on these colorful backgrounds, so there's no guesswork--what you see is what you'll get and what others will get, too.

This slice of the color cube shows 36 of the 216 "browser safe" nondithering colors. You can find the other colors at William I. Johnston's ColorCube site--the best site I've seen on the web for choosing colors.

Clicking on any of these colors will take you to pages that show larger samples of the color--with type on top of them. This is a great way to choose safe colors for the web that you're sure are going to look right on virtually any browser or operating system.

000099 330099 660099 990099 CC0099 FF0099
003399 333399 663399 993399 CC3399 FF3399
006699 336699 666699 996699 CC6699 FF6699
009999 339999 669999 999999 CC9999 FF9999
00CC99 33CC99 66CC99 99CC99 CCCC99 FFCC99
00FF99 33FF99 66FF99 99FF99 CCFF99 FFFF99

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