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Typofile MagazineFirst things first--a magazine about type that isn't in print? Isn't that sacrilege? Sure, about as sacrilegious as the switch from parchment to paper. The medium isn't the message (and neither is type). The medium, whether print or electronic, type, audio, or video is just the medium.

The Message is the Message. And the message here is type--why we love it. We're still entranced that 26 shapes can contain the entire knowledge of mankind--our history, ideas, feelings, and dreams.

I get genuinely excited by type. New typefaces make me feel powerful,not in any comic-book mad-scientist "and then the world will be mine!" kind of way, but in a " this will let me say that so much better" kind of way.

Each new typeface is like a new character..(I mean, they don't call them characters for nothing). Different typefaces let you say more than words-alone can say. And if that isn'texciting to you, you're probably dead (in which case you're eyesight isn't what it used to be). That's why I started Typofile.

The First Issue

I chose the theme for this issue for two reasons--the first is that since this issue will appear on your screen (a tube--unless you're reading on a laptop), because of dwindling supplies, higher prices, and an ever increasing demand for speed, the future of written communication may depend more on the tube than on the tree.

So the contributors to this first issue tell what type and the tube (both computer and TV) mean to them.

My thanks go to all of them for taking the time to write (for free). My thanks go to all of you for taking the time read this(for free). If you have comments, submissions, suggestions, recipes,or nude photos of pets, please feel free to e-mail me.


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