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now read the book... 

TypeStyle: How to choose and use type on a personal computer takes a whole new approach to type. TypeStyle looks at type in a user-friendly way that helps you understand, appreciate (and yes, choose and use) type. 

"Type is a powerful tool. If you put words or numbers on paper, choosing the right typeface and using it effectively can subliminally enhance your message, giving you a competitive edge. Whatever you produce and whatever software you produce it with, this book will help you understand not only the logic, but also the psychology and emotional power of type."

This book will show you: 

  • How to choose and combine typefaces artfully
  • How to make your pages easier to read
  • How to create the desired atmosphere and mood
  • How to avoid ugly and embarrassing mistakes
This 250 page book is lavishly illustrated, with over 50 full-page 2-color examples and full-page type specimens of the most popular and classic typefaces. 

The final remaining copies of the book can be purchased from me for $29.95 plus $5 shipping and handling. 

I cam currently at work on an electronic edition of the book to be sold from this site, but if you're interested, I recommend you get a rare printed copy while they are still in stock. Purchasers of the printed book will receive a discount on the electronic version. 

CLICK HERE TO BUY - Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

Further discounts are available when multiple copies are purchased for educational or corporate use. To ask about this, email me

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