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Choosing and Using Type

Avoiding the overused

Most people turn first to the fonts in their printer when they're choosing type. While this is convenient, it isn't necessarily effective because these fonts are overused--so they've lost some of their impact.

Helvetica (or Arial) and Times Roman are the two most overused typefaces in the world. When you use one of these typefaces you end up looking like everyone else.

There are thousands of typefaces to choose from--so take a look at some of these (the names in Parentheses are the equivalent Bitstream names):

Instead of Helvetica or Arial, use...

AvenirGill Sans MyriadOptima Rotis SansUnivers

Monotype Abadi, Avenir, Eras, Formata, Franklin Gothic, Frutiger, Gill Sans, ITC Goudy Sans, Lucida Sans, Optima (Zapf Humanist), Rotis Sans, Shannon, or Univers (Zurich).

Instead of Avant Garde, consider...

Futura, Kabel or Metro

FuturaKabel Metro

Instead of ITC Bookman, try...

Americana, Bitstream Cooper, Cantoria, Caxton, Korinna, ITC Stone Informal, or ITC Souvenir.

Instead of New Century Schoolbook, use...

Candida, ITC Century, Cheltenham, Clarendon, Clearface, Garth Graphic, Melior (Zapf Elliptical), or Serifa.

Instead of Palatino

(samples to come) Bembo, Bitstream Arrus, Bodoni, Caslon, Centaur, Diotma (Calligraphic 810), ITC Galliard, Perpetua (Lapidary 333), Sabon (Classical Garamond), or Weiss.

Instead of Times Roman

(samples to come) Baskerville, ITC Charter, Garamond, Goudy Old Style, Melior, Minion, Photina, ITC Stone Serif, or Utopia.

Instead of Zapf Chancery

(samples to come) Cataneo (Bitstream), Corsiva (Monotype), LinoScript, Marigold, Mistral, Ovidius (FontHaus), Poetica (Adobe), Rage (Letraset), Shelley Script, Snell Roundhand, or Spring (LetterPerfect).

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