Almost everything we know in the world can be described in just 26 letters--isn't that amazing?

Yet this most visible art--which we all see all around us each day--has long been invisible in most people's minds. Part of this was intentional-- because the content, not the type, is the message. With type, the media is not the message. But type also adds to everything we read in subliminal and powerful ways, and Typofile is about people who love type, and why.

Nope, this isn't another stuffy magazine about minding your "p's" and "q's." This is about the
love (and use) of type (and technology).


Typofile Magazine

The unique hypertext system that helps you find the most appropriate typeface for your job.

Type makes a difference. But it can take years to figure out which typeface is right for which job. Don't worry, you no longer need to be an expert to choose the most appropriate typeface for a job--you just need Esperfonto.

Spec Sheets

Each month new typefaces are featured here. This month--a wide variety of new faces from ITC, Adobe, and great independent designers!

Spec SheetsNew Faces #1

Spec SheetsFaces from #2


Real fonts on the web? Read the very latest, Includes links for downloading free fonts designed to make web-reading easier.


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Product reviews | See Windows Run| Virtual Workspace--computer furniture for the 21st century.

eFuse fuses

You need your site to work for you. You can do it with, the friendly place to learn how to build a better web site.


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Type on the Tube What do some of today's leading type experts think about type on-screen? That's the subject behind Type on the Tube, a series of articles by type experts and type lovers from around the world. New commentary is added on a continuing basis, so each time you check back here you'll find new items of interest.

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