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We've got rodents...

And we like it that way. Rodents got a very bad name during the Dark Ages--but what did those people know? Sure, it was convenient to blame rats for the Plague, but you don't think people were coughing on each other, then blaming the so-called pests?

Rodents are actually quite incredible creatures--smart, loving, dexterous (their hands are more like ours than our cat and dog friends*), and loving. While they can carry disease, so can all animals--and fleas, mosquitoes, and other insects transmit far more disease than rodents.

We have one indoor rodent (a chinchilla), and about a dozen outdoor rodents (chipmunks), and you'll learn more about them in coming months.

*It's not that I have anything against cats and dogs, I am wild about them, too, but my husband, Daniel, is allergic to them. He's had all the allergy shots, we've tried everything. We had a pet rabbit once, but he was allergic to him, too. So now we have a chinchilla, who is somewhat like a cross between a small rabbit and a wild squirrel, with the softest fur you'll ever feel.


Please stay tuned, more chipmunk Chronicles are forthcoming

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