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You need your site to work for you. You can do it with, the friendly place to learn how to build a better web site.

Everyone and their dog needs to build a web site these days. But even with the best software there's all sorts of stuff a mammal has to understand before it can create a truly useful site. Finding accurate and reliable info on the web today can be difficult, and when you do find it, it's usually so technical it can make your head explode. offers information, inspiration, and assistance written in plain English by professional writers and designers so it's easy to understand and use. is for everyone who wants to build a more attractive and effective web site. Learn what you need, painlessly. No experience necessary. You'll be web-savvy in no time.

Other sites are for technology professionals. is for professionals who use technology.

Our readers speak for us:

  • "This site is like a life raft in the ocean of web technology"
  • "It seems as though you've figured out the major mistakes people make, and then written (or gathered) information that helps them overcome or avoid those mistakes."

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s See Windows Run

Be the first one on your block to take a "Dick-and-Jane" style tutorial of the new operating system from the Borg... I mean, boys (and girls, of course, don't mean to be sexist, was just trying to make a joke, let's not dwell on this now, shall we?) in Redmond. Spot stops running long enough to teach you the basics.

s The Future of Computing

The future is an ever-changing target--and while predictions are a dangerous business (it's too easy for people to tell when you're wrong), I've been predicting computer trends for years, and have almost always been right (while simultaneously almost always being wrong about high tech stock fluctuations). So I'm not going to let the danger stop me. Read all about what your computers will be like in five to ten years.


v Z88 notebook computer

Thought today's notebook computers were the smallest and lightest they could be? Read about this 10-year-old notebook computer that's the size of a piece of paper, weighs under two pounds and has a totally silent keyboard.

v Virtual Workspace

"We are still sitting at a the computer in much the same way as our ancestors sat at a writing desk back at the turn of the century." Stupid, isn't it? Computers have given us a new way to work and now an industrial designer has finally created a new place to work.


s Software reviews

The following are a few of software reviews I've written for c|net, the computer network. I will be posting additional reviews and links in the near future. Clicking on these links opens a new browser window. When you're done reading the review, just close the window and you'll be right back here.

CorelXara: Read about the program that is perhaps the best illustration program ever written, and almost certainly the best illustration program for the web. I use it to create all my graphics.

Microsoft Front Page: One of the leading web creation tools. I've used to to edit parts of this site.

NetObjects Fusion 2.0: A unique web creation program. I used it to create the WordSleuth site.

NetObjects Fusion vs Front Page: Read my comparison of these two powerhouse programs.

Macromedia Flash - this is truly great multimedia for the web--practical, fast, smooth, interactive. You can avoid the Netscape/MS "dynamic HTML" mess by using this smart software.

Pretty Good Privacy--actually excellent encryption technology that's at least easy to use.

Comparison of 7 FreeMail services: great for when you're not at your own computer--or when you don't even have your own computer.

Xara Webster, a great shareware utility to help you create better-looking web graphics.

Adobe Illustrator, Version 7, the latest release of this program offers many new features but is best not as a stand-alone program, but as part of the PhotoShop/Illustrator/PageMaker suite.

Tumbleweed Posta: This clever system lets you send secure e-mail via the web--and keep track of exactly who read it and when.

Net-It Now: A unique Java-based way to create interactive pages.

Netscape plug ins: Read about some useful Navigator plug-ins.

StudioJ2000: Create Java animations using this Java program that runs in your browser.

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