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Using Type Using Type

A lavishly illustrated hypertext tutorial on the basics of using type.

The changing vocabulary of type Type's changing vocabulary

When people are no longer aware of old "standard" typographic conventions, they've lost their meaning. Isn't it time to let some of these archaic characters go?

Typefaces that work together Typefaces together

Ever wondered which face goes with which other face? Wonder no longer. This list also contains "similar" font names--in case you're wondering what "Zapf Humanist" really is.

S Starting from Zero

One of the most exiting, and at the same time, frightening things about design is starting from a blank page. "All those possibilities," often becomes "too many choices," and you're left wondering where to start. This article will help you see that you never start from zero and that the object of design is to make things work well, not just look good.

C ColorWeb

Color is tricky on the web. What you see may not be what other's get. To make sure, choose a "browser safe" color from this useful table--and use the link to the best site about color on the web.

CComputer safety

"As I write this, my right hand is in a brace. It is only a cautionary measure at this point. But last year the searing pain that shot from my fingers to my elbow was both frightening and serious. Here's how you can avoid what I've gone through..."

C c|net features

Learn how to create web sites, and add graphics to web pages and soften your hands while you do dishes!


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