I made the mistake of suggesting that Davy digitize this face,
and the result was he named it after me.
Personally, Id rather have had Tenderleaf Caps named after me,
but hey, you takes what you gets.

(In fact, at one time I lived on the 11th floor
of an apartment building overlooking both the LaBrea Tar Pits
and Beverly Hills, so this face would have been appropriate then,
if not now when my view is all trees and the occasional rodent).

This face used to be used for the logo of ABC TVs Nightline
until they redesigned their graphics and now they use
something completely nondescript and quite boring.
You dont have to be boring, you can still get my namesake.


Buy me, in name only, for only $29.
Hey, I might be easy, but Im not cheap!
Click below if you want me. If you dont, well, its your loss.



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