Plains Lettering Prairie School Architectural Font

Plains Lettering Architectural lettering from the Prairie schoolUncials 1 & 2 are four sets of uncial letter forms.

See and print them in Acrobat PDF format here.

How are two sets really four? This confused me, but then I can sometimes be slow.

The trick is that the uppercase is one set, the lowercase another, and since there are two sets, and each has both upper and lower designs, that’s four sets. Got it? You’re faster than I am.

These Uncials illustrate the great variety of form and style that were developed by the scribes that wrote the books before the advent of movable type.

The two sets in Uncials 1 were designed by Frederic Goudy.

One set in Uncials 2 was designed by Goudy, and the other was designed by William Bradley.

These letter forms, when used as drop caps, can lift a so-so text block to inspiring. They are especially useful in the typesetting for religious and higher education use.

And since you’re so smart, you probably even how to pronounce “uncials” which is “unch-als.” If so you’re once again brighter than I am. Congratulate yourself and buy this font immediately!

These uncials have 1001 and one uses (which makes sense, since they’ve been around for what seems like 1001 years). Individually they’re such beautiful initials for embroidery, for transferring to napkins so you can out Martha Martha, and, as with so many beautiful fonts, they make lovely tattoos, suitable for nearly all occasions.

Buying these fonts is like buying a piece of history, and history has never been so reasonably priced!

Just $45 for all four faces (in two fonts).



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