Plains Lettering Prairie School Architectural Font

Plains Lettering Architectural lettering from the Prairie schoolInspired by the lettering used by famous architectural illustrator Marion Mahony and her husband, architect Walter Burley Griffin, on drawings by one of the famous architects of the twentieth century, as well as the style of architectural lettering that was so popular and prevalent in the upper central United States at the turn of the twentieth century.

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Examples can be seen in many issues of the architectural magazines of the period coming from Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Ohio.

Architects and designers who were working in the north-central US at the turn of the twentieth century were George Grant Elmslie, Walter Burley Griffin, William Gray Purcell, Robert Spencer, Barry Byrne, William Drummond, John Van Bergen, Vernon Watson, Thomas E. Tallmadge, George Maher, and others who until recently were nearly hidden in the giant shadow cast by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Like Wright's work, the others spanned Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts style, and Art Deco, though none quite as broad in scope as Wright and Griffin. All of them used a lettering style that was clean and usually quite legible, but some letters seemed to be given a personal touch by the various draftsmen responsible for the great lettering of the period.

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