Lucianard Head

Lucianard Head



Lucianard, Cursive, Caps and OpenLucianard is a name made of joining the first and last names of Lucian Bernard.

Bernhard was a highly respected type designer in Germany before he emigrated to the United States before WW II.

He developed more designs after moving to this country, but they all have Bernard’s generous and individual touch.

Download a PDF spec-sheet to view and print.

His 1925 Lucian is an elegant family of types with an Old-Style attitude with long ascenders and descenders, but extremely strong contrasts between heavy and light strokes more typical of the work of Bodoni in the eighteenth century with th e beginning of New Style typefaces.

The caps are generally wide creating an openness that works well in display jobs.

The oblique fonts are slanted versions of the roman with no following of italic letter forms that vary from the roman forms.

The cursive is the only true italic in the family. The lowercase ‘a’, ‘f’, ‘g’, and ‘q’ follow the italic forms, and the cursive caps are very open and stylish.

The regular fonts have kerned text numerals. The Small & Swash Cap fonts have kerned Lining numerals, Inferior numerals, and Superior numerals.

Pilcrows are also known as “paragraph marks” and normally look like this: ¶). In this case, they’re a collection of outline drawings of nudes in various forms of repose by Rockwell Kent that can be used as artistic paragraph marks.

They’re included here because they were so often used with Lucianard to separate paragraphs in line rather than jumping to the next line.

Your next newsletter will be anything but staid if you separate paragraphs with the amusing devices. A mere $55. Yes, really, that’s all. Isn’t technology grand?

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