Doric Lowlight

Doric & Lowlight strong Egyptian fontsDoric is one of many so-called Egyptian faces that followed the Clarendon faces that were designed in England in the 1840s.

This particular version eliminates the slab serifs at the top of the uppercase ĎAí. This translation includes a dropped reverse shadow version named Lowlight.

Simple. Bold. Retro yet hip. The more you use this face, the more you like itís strong simplicity.

Download a PDF spec-sheet to view and print.

As you can see from the example, you can layer the lowercase on top of the uppercase for a vibrant two-tone look.

 $19. You gotta admit this is on dynamite font. So big and bold. You are already thinking of ways to use it, arenít you? Itís written all over your face. In fact, it might make for a kick-a** tattoo, donít you think? But not on your face--how about running vertically up the back of your leg. You donít have to, of course, you can just keep it on the page or screen. Once you buy it, itís your choice!



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