Desdemona art nouveau art deco typeface

Desdemona art nouveau fontIf you’ve ever been to London we hope you visited Liberty’s of London, a wonderful department store famous for it’s turn-of-the-century Arts & Crafts printed fabric, all housed in an amazing Tudor building.

Their logo uses a typeface somewhat like this--not exactly, mind you, but a typeface that would be like this one’s older sister.

This has all the hallmarks of late Art Nouveau--the organic shapes, the offbeat posture, the delightful details. It’s charming and insouciant without being pretentious.

It’s also surprisingly legible for such a stylized face, and while clearly of a period design, it’s clean lines make it useful for modern applications.

Download a PDF spec-sheet to view and print.

 $29. You could really be stylin’ with this baby, couldn’t you? Or maybe if you’re attracted to this font you don’t get the reference to “stylin” in which case, we apologize and say, “You could appear quite the dandy with this peripatetic typeface.” Is that more to your liking, Sir, Ma’am?


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