Claremont Goudy

Claremont GoudyClaremont is Beatty’s name for the font designed by Goudy for Scripps College, an all-girls school in Claremont, CA.

Goudy got hood-winked into the job by a very clever librarian at Scripps who talked to him when he was in San Francisco designing University of California Old Style. He got even by putting a little hangnail on the lowercase 's' which grabs your eye every time you see it.

Download a PDF spec-sheet to view and print.

We don’t believe you can find this elegant typeface anywhere else. Then again, we’ve been known to be wrong.

Though we don’t think we are this time. Though it wouldn’t surprise us.

It doesn’t much matter. You’re here, so is the font. You want it now, don’t you?

Price: $45 for the set. You didn’t even know you had to have it until you saw it, but you’ve seen it, you have to have it, so click on the “buy” button now and get it already.




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