Beatty Ornaments Q

A font with several Art Nouveau brackets that can be used singly or in mirror image pairs. You can also place the letters inside the vertical brackets, break them apart, re-color them. Goudi would be proud. The lowercase keyboard has a complete set of Art Nouveau initials set in the vertical version of the horizontal half brackets on the uppercase keyboard. Download a PDF spec-sheet to view and print. Comes with a matching titling face. Exclusive to us, and soon to you, we’re sure, since everybody needs this fabulous face, well, “everybody who’s anybody,” that is, but of course that includes you. Click. Buy. Enjoy $29 for both. Yes, that’s all. Such bliss is such a bargain. Imagine. Stop imagining now and buy it!



Beatty Ornaments Q art nouveau borders
art nouveau titling font


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