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Using technology from First Virtual, you can buy from this site (and thousands of others) on-line. You never give out your credit card number over the web. If you don't have a First Virtual account, you can sign up on-line (then you call an 800# to give your credit card number). It's an easy and safe way to buy over the web. If you'd prefer to pay traditionally.

This is a list of the items we will have up in the near future. If there's a link, you can buy it. If not, check back in a week or so and it should be there. If you have any questions, e-mail Daniel Will-Harris.

Web Type tutorial


  • Font Forest's Architect's Font Pack. This pack contains half-a-dizen wonderful hand-made faces that duplicate architectural writing, and stamps. Includes the very popular Glasgow. $42 for the entire set of six, including shipping and handling.


  • Starcrazed makes a mockery of everything Hollywood. Marden's seen enough dirt (under his fingernails alone), and knows where enough bodies are buried (not under his fingernails), that the book is both true-to-life and a hilarious parody.

Coming soon...


  • Manka's Hand - $25
  • John Grimes Cartoon Alphabet - $9.95

Design Templates for Word

  • Resume template for Word for Windows - $3
  • Fax coversheet/memo template for WFW - $3

Your questions, answered...

  • Ask me a question about design or typography. $10
  • Ask me to review the design of your web site or latest design project. $50


  • Final chapter to "Lost Codes" - $5

If you'd prefer to pay by check:

If you'd prefer to pay via check, send the check (made out to "Daniel Will-Harris"), along with your e-mail address, to:

Daniel Will-Harris
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Don't forget to include your e-mail address, and note what you are buying. I will send you e-mail the same day I receive the check.

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