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Not just for Architects, The Architect's Font Pack contains the following SIX fonts in Truetype or Type 1 including all international characters:


MrHand: It's a carefully delineated chisel point, hand lettering at it's finest. Named after that illustrious teacher, from "Fast Times at Ridgemont High". (I had one just like him teaching us hand lettering and this is his tribute).

 HeavyHand: is from the same vein as MrHand but with a little more pressure and a softer pencil. Our favorite for titles on our working drawings.



Glasgow: Inspired by the hand lettering of Master Architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Glasgow will get your motor running. It's the most sought after title font and a hit with graphic designers.

 Scribble: Loose quick lettering for rough drawings. To be truthful, it's one of our firm's own lettering style while attempting to emulate MrHand in Lettering 101. He got a "C", but we think it is an "A+".



Sketcher: Hand lettering with flair and style. It's very similar to another font "Papyrus" by LetraSet, but without all the rough edges and large file size.

Stamped: Not really hand lettered, but hand stamped. Looks great at large point sizes. Put an angle on it and make it look "real".


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