Welcome to the lair...

WordSleuth Communications cannot be held responsible for any nightmares or neuroses caused by repeated references to a certain long-dead and fictional detective.


Draw thee near to the lair of WordSleuth?

I know, I know . . .  Who talks like that? Maybe Gere in "First Knight" or Gibson in "Braveheart." Certainly not someone trying to entice visitors to their Web site, right?

Alright, enough already.  Here's why I lured you in:

Like my third cousin twice removed, I am a detective.

But instead of tracking murderers or spies, I pursue the right words.

Words that promise the sales of your product or service will soar.

Soar like the proud eagle who . . .  Okay, I promise I'll knock it off!  (At least for this page anyway.)

I'm also at liberty to consult on your existing advertising materials or programs. 

So, proceed through my asylum and see how I, WordSleuth, can improve your bottom line.