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The last time I checked  there were 97,486 other sites on the WWW. If you liked  this site (and naturally we hope you did), here are some  you'll find useful. If you didn't like this site, we're  sorry, and of course, wonder what's wrong with you.

Type Specific Sites

Web Tools

Interesting Sites

Type Specific Sites (see a bigger list)

  • Linotype FontExplorer This remarkable applet helps you choose type based on a number of different settings, including classification, time in history, usage, name, style, weight/width/x-height,and serif type. It's useful, it's fun, and it's very clever. Make sure to note the little VCR-like buttons near the bottom of the right window--these show you more fonts based on your selections.
  • Precision Type has, not only one of the most definitive type catalogs in print, they also have perhaps the single most definitive collection of typographic samples on the web. They carry more typefaces from more foundries than anyone else, and their simplet yet brilliant site lets you see any font they carry in the words of your choice--there's no better way to see if a face is going to work for you. This is where I go first when I am looking for a font. You should go there first, too.
  • Makambo is a great place to find  the latest faces from a wide range of talented  independent designers, checkout  The great thing about this service is that it  lets small, creative designers easily sell their  fonts on the web. Prices start at as little as  $1.50.
  • New! ITC Fonts - At long last, ITC, the  IBM of ABC's has opened their site. It's  comprehensive and full of useful information, and  features "euripides" a unique and  useful feature that lets you view the words of  your choice in any ITC font. The site generates  an anti-aliased GIF file so you can get a much  better idea of how a font looks, in use. This lets you try any of their more than 1000  fonts--free, and on-line. U&lc magazine, long a favorite of designers, also has  features on-line. Go visit this site, now!
  • New!Counterspace - A new, beautifully  designed and informative site about type. Flash  and Shockwave are used, so make sure you have  them installed--if you do you're in for a treat.  A fine example of really good design.
  • New! FontBox  is an excellent font management program for the  Mac. Check our their site
  • New! Galapagos Design Group - Galapagos has designed  many interesting typefaces and offers high-end  type design services. Their site also offers a  free decorative border font.

  • Adobe - The best-known company  for digital type. This site also includes  information about their other products, and is  the place to get your free Acrobat reader  so you can view PDF files from the Web. You  probably didn't know this, but you can get a free copy of ATM right off their FTP server. Go to
  • Bitstream - A great digital type  foundry. You can buy fonts on-line, or on one of  their value-packed CD-ROM's, like theor "500  font CD". 500 top quality fonts for just  $49.95--the best way to start a library of  high-quality type. If you have a lot of fonts,  consider their FontNavigator software,  the best way to keep your fonts oganized under  Windows.
  • New!Comicbook Fonts: Looking for fonts that  look like comic book lettering? Look no futher  than this varied, high-quality collection. These  fonts are used in some of the best-selling comic  books on the market.
  • Gary & Barbara Bouton's site has some great  shareware fonts, plus some brilliant 3D and  computer illustrations.
  • Jason Castle has created some of the  most sensitive revivals and charming new faces.  He's adding new faces all the time, so if you  haven't seen his site (and even if you have), go  take a look.
  • - comprehensive list of Desktop Publishing related sites.
  • DTP Jumplist - Another comprehensive list of Desktop Publishing related sites  on the net.
  • The Font Fairy isn't cheap--she's free.  She points you to commercial fonts which are  legally available for free on the web and CD. She  also covers offers for other free software. She's  up-to-date and while she says she primarily  covers Mac fonts, I found links to many Windows  fonts there, too.
  • FontHaus is known for their many  unique and original typefaces, and for their  support of creative independent designers around  the world. But they also carry fonts from all the major foundries--at prices often less than  elsewhere. More than that--they carry the latest  and most interesting grapics from companies such  as ArtParts and Apply.
  • FontShop - The American branch of  this international type vendor known for their  innovative "FontFont" line.
  • New! FONTNET - Fontworks is the  largest distributor of fonts in the UK. The site  also includes Neville Brody's FUSE magazine  pages.
  • Garage Fonts - currently sponsoring a  type design contest with Macromedia, GarageFonts  has many creative, unique and decidedly modern  new typefaces you can buy on-line.
  • Internet Font Archive - The place to  find the latest type-related internet sites.  Updated frequently.
  • Linotype Library - Linotype has created  much of the digital type in use today--including  much of the Adobe library. Their web site offers  a lot of useful information and a complete online  library of almost 4,000 fonts.
  • Monotype Typography is the home of such  classic faces as Gill Sans and Times New Roman.  Their site is also the place to find many  publishing add-ons for page layout programs, and  FontMixer which lets you rearrange character sets  and mix characters from one font with another.
  • Microsoft's Typography  Web Site contains a wide variety  of TrueType-related information, including  discussions of anti-aliasing, hinting, the  TrueType / TrueType Open formats, and an  explanation of Microsoft's strategy for enhancing  typography on the World Wide Web. The site  includes tools for TrueType development,  specifications for TrueType and TrueType Open,  and technical articles for typeface developers.  The site also contains free downloadable TrueType  fonts and Windows font-related system extensions.
  • Gary Munch - Designer of the  delightful Nanogram, and fellow chipmunk  lover.
  • On-Line University's Type  Identification Class - Want to learn how to  tell one typeface from another? This site's  excellent on-line course will help you learn.
  • P22 This foundry specializes  is revival faces, from Hieroglyphics, to the  ancient Acropolis, to the handwriting of DaVinci,  Michaelangelo, Rodin and Cezanne, to Art Nouveau  and Craftsman. These fonts are always well done  and unique.
  • Phils Fonts - Phil's has been  selling type for as long as I can remember.  Originally a photo-lettering house, they now sell  digital typefaces for Mac and Windows. They have  lots of great new type samples, they sell  fonts--they even give away a free font a  month. If you like new faces you'll love this new  site.
  • Publish Magazine has compiled a  very useful directory of type vendors. The rest  of their site is good, too :)
  • New! Quick Brown Fox - This foundry offers  type on CD, but more interestingly, they sell a  program called FontExpert. Scan a font sample and  the program compares it against its database of  more than 20,000 typefaces. While I have not yet  tested this software, if it works as advertised  it could be a highly valuable utility.
  • Serif Magazine - Serif takes a  completely different approach than Typofile and focuses on more historical aspects of  typefaces and their design.
  • Typ Magazine - This monthly Dutch  publication (in English) covers the modern  European type scene and has a great deal of  variety.
  • The Internet Type  Index is a current list of all the type vendors on the  web. It's sponsored by Penultimate design--where you'll  find some extremely innovative new typefaces,  including a multi-layered design that simulates  graffiti.
  • Typograf - Since Adobe bought  FontMinder and took it off the market (booo),  Typograf may very well be the best type  management program for Windows.
  • New!Type Books for the  Well-Read Typographer is an excellent  site--beautifully designed, highly informative.
  • New!TypeRight - This  non-profit group is dedicated to educating the  public (this means you) about  intellectual property rights and fonts) and to  try to get legal protection for type designs.
  • U-Design Foundry - Bill's faces take the  past and put it on you page.
  • Zabra Font Factory - Interesting display  faces.

Exceptional Web Creation Tools

  • NetObJects Fusion is a new web creation,  organization, design and production tool that  sets new standards for web creation software.  It's org-chart "site" tool lets you lay  out even a complex site visually. Once done, the  program automatically builds navigation for every  page. It's "page" tool lets you create  web pages the way you create paper pages in  PageMaker or Xpress--just draw them--for the  utmost in layout flexibility. Well designed by  designers for designers, this is currently the  best-designed web creation tool available.  Currently available for free beta download.
  • CorelXarais,  in my long experience, the best illustration  program ever created for any operating system.  Strong words? Strong program. Not only is it  lightning fast and able to create perfectly  smooth anti-aliased web graphics, it can make any  object, vector or bitmap, transparent in an  almost unlimited number of ways -- something no  other illustration program can do. You can do  things here that look like they were done in  PhotoShop, only faster, easier, and because  they're always objects, more flexibly. Their new  vector format for the web is compact, and lets  you zoom in to 25,000% to see detail. Remarkable. Check out their shareware Webster utility  program for turning any graphic into a web  graphic, combining, customizing, and colorizing  graphics.

Outstanding Sites

  • Alternet Communications. Colors that jump up and  spank you.
  • Aristosoft - Ernest Priestly is one  of the great minds of our century and you can  find his latest software scheme here. He hosts  terrific chat rooms and is now offering the most  reasonably priced web server software in the free  world.
  • Bay Area Restaurant Guide - Real people review  many of San Francisco's restaurants. The reviews  are illuminating in their consistency--so you can  see what's really good (The Ritz Carlton Dining  Room, Hawthorne Lane) and what's really hype  (Boulevard, LuLu's). A must for anyone in SF for  a day or a lifetime.
  • The Black Point Group - Excellent designers  with an inspiring portfolio of work on-line.
  • Mary Carterand  Gary Priesterare  talented artists, designers and chicken lovers.  Find their latest work (and notes) here.
  • New!Don Barnett, illustrator  extradordinare. You can download amazing seamless  tiles for web backgrounds, or just enjoy his  highly original artwork.
  • GINA, The Global Internet  News Agency, is a great source of the latest  releases from a wide range of software and  hardware companies.
  • New!IdeaBook by Chuck Green. Chuck is a great  designer (as well as a great guy). His  beautifully designed site is jam-packed and  fun-filled with ideas you can use to communicate  better on the web and in-print.
  • iPrint - Need business cards  inexpensively, quickly, yet with a lot of control  (seeing exactly what you get before you get  it)> This very clever site turns your browser  into a DTP program where you create a card  interactively. No, it's not going to look as good  as if I designed it, but it's fast,  inexpensive, and thermographically printed.
  • Lynda Weinman - Lynda Weinman is the Web Graphics Goddess--she knows more about web  graphics than anyone. Her site is a  treasure-trove of valuable information. Don't  miss it!
  • McCannas Free Art: The McCannas offer a  wide array of free art you can use on your site,  along with helpful information of all kinds.
  • The Mining Company  Desktop Publishing: useful information  about DTP that's updated weekly.
  • Muldoon's Men's wear: This shop features  clothes for men who are "larger than  life." Friendly, efficient service, hard to  find items, I can recommend them personally.
  • Portrait Display Monitors - Quite  simply, there is no better way to view the web  than with this portrait (meaning it's vertical,  about the same size as a piece of letter-sized  paper) monitor. You can also rotate it for a  landscape display. Excellent quality, perfect  shape for DTP and web design and browsing.
  • Fedex home page - Track your packages  on-line (how did people live before Fed Ex?).
  • Fine Art in Print - Books on Typography,  Design and Criticism.
  • Fodor's Worldview - Up-to-the-minute  travel information.
  • Library of Congress - A huge repository of  information (not all of it yet on-line).
  • Museums of NY - Good info about art in  NY.
  • Roger Parker, known for his books  including "Looking Good In Print," has  a site full of good information about design.
  • TIME Magazine Home Page - A good site for news  and features.
  • New!Trompe  L'Oeil Room- Gary  Priester's exceptional on-line tutorials walk  you, step-by-step, though the creation of  fascinating visual effects using CorelXara and  CorelDraw.
  • Georges Seurat Museum - A great collection of  Seurat's famous "digital" (pointillist)  paintings, drawings and letters.
  • The White House - Take a virtual tour. A  good jumping off point for finding other federal  sites.

  • We're proud to be the  first winners of the IdeaBook "Great Idea"  award for our EsperFonto System.
  • Will-Harris House has  been rated among the Top 5% of all sites on the  Internet by Point Communications  Corporation. While we are, of course,  please to be so recognized, we don't put a whole  lot of stock into ratings and awards, or at least  won't until we introduce own "Willie  Awards" which will debut on this site  shortly...

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