See Windows Run!

See Windows.

See Windows Run. Run Windows run

See the Start Button. Start Button

Start ButtonThe Start Button wants to be clicked. It even says so. We don't want to disappoint the start button, do we? No. Put your arrow on top of the start button and click on it with your left mouse button.

Start Menu

See the choices. We have many things to choose from. We want to run a program. Let's click on programs.

Start Button with Programs

"Oh my, more choices," says Spot.Spot"

This makes Dick cry. Not because he didn't know what to choose, but because he didn't know Spot Spot"could talk. (The choices on your screen may be different from what you see here. Never mind.)

Jane"Jane says "I will click on Accessories."

If Jane thinks she will find earrings under accessories, she is sadly mistaken. Click on Accessories and see what you find.

"Oh, more choices!" says Paco, who has just returned from the bibliotecha where he was eating albondigas.

"Let's click on Games," says Paco, wiping albondigas sauce off his cheek.

Let's click on games, too, and see what is inside.


Games! Who would have thought that they would be here of all places? Let's play solitaire. Click on Solitaire.

You have started a program! Good for you! Very very good! See how easy it is? Even Spot Spot" can do it.

"We want to see what else is here." says SpotSpot", in hopes of finding a tiny graphical fire hydrant. Let's close this game so we can look for a fire hydrant with Spot!

But how? How do we close this window? We will press the "X," that's how! Click on the X The Windows Close Button (in the upper right corner of your screen) with your left mouse button--wheee. The Windows has closed!

"Where do we look for a file?" asks DickDick", still reeling over the fact that Spot Spot" has a larger vocabulary than he does.

" Let's look in my computer,"
My Computer Icon

says Jane, knowing that Dick is not very bright and would not have thought of that on his own. Jane is much smarter than Dick and will prove this to him repeatedly in later life.

Jane clicks on it and it turns blue. What on earth is Jane to do? Click again. Harder? No, still nothing.

Spot"Spot takes the mouse and "double-clicks" it. Click Click. Twice in a row, fast. "Click click," says Spot.

"Oh My" cries Dick, who has cried so much today that Jane and Spot Spot" are ready to slap him. "What has happened?"

"We have opened a window onto my computer," says Jane, understanding instantly. Dick will come to resent her for this, but for now he is pleased that someone understands what's going on (besides Spot).

"Now what?" Dick asks, losing interest in the whole matter and wondering if Mom is home from the office so she can play catch with him. Dick likes to play catch.

My Computer Window Displaying Disk Drives


"Now we see the disk drives on My Computer," Spot explains, trying not to bark the words at Dick.

"Yes," says Jane, "We will double-click on the Hard Disk icon and look inside." "Click Click," says Dick.

Spot"Spot takes the mouse. "I want to edit my picture of computers."

They all laughed! Ha. Ha. Ha! Everyone knows dogs cannot paint!

Spot"Spot will show them! Spot Spot" knows what to do. Good Spot! Spot"

"I will double-click on the Windows folder," says Jane.

Paintbrush Icon

"Then I will look for an icon that looks like a paint brush and paint can," he says. "My picture is called "Setup," Spot barks. Spot presses the letter "S" with his paw, and he can see files that begin with S. He finds the file named SETUP that has a picture of a paintbrush, and he double-paw's it.

"Click, click, click," says Dick.
"No, just 'click click!'

The paint program begins and we see a big blue picture. Spots likes this picture. Spot drew this picture. That's why it's made up of so many spots.

"Ha Ha Ha," they all laugh.

"I'm tired," said Dick, not known for his stamina.


"We must close down before we turn off the computer," insists Spot. Spot clicks on the Start button even though he wants to stop.

Spot clicks on SHUTDOWN and then clicks on YES.

The computer shuts down.

Good work, Spot!Spot"

"Click, click, click," says Dick.Dick"

I wrote this piece for the introduction of my informative (and fun) video (and CD) on Windows 95.
There's no better, less boring way to learn Win95! It's available at LearnKey's Win95 page or by calling 800-937-3279.

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