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SchmoozeLetter site
The SchmoozeLetter is my opt-in e-mail newsletter that goes to over 30,000 happy subscribers. It’s also the place to buy my new book, My Wife & Times, which has been called “The biggest laugh I’ve had in year” (and by real people, not my mother).

The focus of this site are the humorous stories presented in the e-mail newsletter and book, so the site design is kept simple. I used my caricature head logo, but using dotted lines to give it a kind of “connect the dots” look. Designing for yourself can be a lot harder than designing for someone else, and you can read my amusing account of designing this site here.

There are two subtle features to notice--one, the background doesn’t scroll with the text, so the caricature in the upper left corner always remains in place. Second--the text has a semi-transparent background so that even as it scrolls over the colored bar on the top, it has a lighter background, making it easier to read. See the site, read the stories, buy the book!


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