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Dave Ryder Voice Overs

Dave Ryder is a well-known voice over artist in Florida--in fact, he’s the “voice of time” in Miami-Dad county.

He wanted his site reflect his versatility, so I created a design that’s at once classic (a megaphone) and modern (the simple Art Deco type and clean layout).

The site originally had a sepia color scheme, but Dave wanted something more tropical and Floridian, hence the resulting purple!
See the site.

I also wrote the rap on the home page, dave rap

Dave's the voice of experience
up on the latest tech.
He's the man of many voices
who will never give you dreck.

He's Miami's voice of time--
commercial voice sublime--
that's right, he's not a mime--
still he wouldn't rap this rhyme.

But he'll voice your hot commercial
and narrate what's controversial.
he's got talent and technique
you just gotta hear him speak.

Dave talks with sweet agility
from wacky to utility
civility, hostility
the voice of versatility.

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