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Business Cards

I'm available for work no matter  where in the world you are. If you're interested in  having me work for you, just drop me a note.

The card above is a foldout that uses the author’s photo. The photo used a light “diffusion dither” to give it a more airbrushed look. This design is carried through to his site as well.



I designed this card for  a PC World makeover. It's unconventional for a  "serious" medical professional, but I also did  a more boring alternate card for those who might not  understand that serious topics can be dealt with  humorously without them being any less serious. The font  is Willow from Letraset.


Our friend Diane is a  wonderful fashion designer who's so talented she also  does interior design work. She's one of those people who  could take a burlap bag and make it look like a Paris  original (and I'm not talking about the ones that Lucy  and Ethel got). She wanted something classic, so I paired  an elegant typeface (Celestia) with an old elegant  woodcut from a Dover book, and centered the text,  something I rarely do.


I wanted to convey  energy here, and it fit perfectly with the company's  theme. Don't try to call them, though, they turned out to  be deadbeats (yes, even I have to suffer them). The name  has been changed so as not to give them any publicity.  Ah, well, at least I like the design. The typeface is ITC  Highlander.


You've seen several  things in the design office with Bruce Eckel's name on them. This is what  happens when your friends have enough sense to ask you to  design everything they do. This card was taken from a  postcard design I did first--he wanted lots of  information and lots of everything, which explains this  design. If you're interested in Java programming, he's an  expert and gives great seminars in San Francisco.


This is two-sided the  card. The top part is the front of the card, the bottom  is the back. I created the logo to symbolize a kind of  lighthouse effect, and then repeated it to show seemingly  random bits coming in on the upper left and coming out of  the bottom right as "concepts." I like it  because it has a sense of animation.

The card is printed on a  lovely golden paper with confetti bits in it called, not  surprisingly, Confetti. It's printed in both black and  white ink, which turned out to be quite a challenge for  the printer. The white ink had to be run six times to  make it opaque enough. The typeface is Bank Gothic from  Bitstream.

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