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Pauline Lomas

I met Pauline Lomas when I was working on a movie in LA. It was a terrible movie (called Mystique--we called it "Mistake"), but it was a wonderful experience because I made several close friends (as well as learning more about the movie business than I really wanted to know).

Pauline is an actress (Testament, Bugsy, Prince of Tides) and a writer, and has also worked as a "stand-in" for Barbara Streisand, Meryl Streep, Vanessa Regrave, Jane Alexander, and Blythe Danner.

She's just published a beautiful memoir about her life on and off the set during the filming of The Bridges of Madison County. Her book is entitled "Bridges: a Memoir of Love," and I'm happy to present some excerpts from the book. If you like them you can order the printed book (this is the kind of book paper was invented for).

If you've never worked on a movie, then you probably don't know how long it takes to film one. In an average day you're lucky if you shoot 2 minutes of film in a single 18-hour day.

It takes so long to set up shots that stars would be exhausted if they had to stand around all day and shoot their scenes, so Stand-ins literally "stand-in" for the stars while the shots are being assembled. But they don't just stand, they have to hit all the same marks the star does and often say the dialog and do things just as the star would do them--then they may have to instruct the star in where to move and what to do on a particular cue.

This requires a lot of skill and acting ability, and if a stand-in is good, stars will specifically ask to use their favorite stand-in (Pauline has stood in for Meryl several times).

But Pauline isn't the kind of person you can describe by what she does as much as who she is. She was born in England and has lived all over the world, including Asia. She's a spiritual person, but the kind who makes you feel comfortable rather than making you feel like a heathen. She's open, sincere, warm, and full of love.

This is not a star-struck memoir--Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep take a backseat (and, once, a bathtub) to Pauline's own tumultuous life and love. This gives the reader a glimpse not into just the world of movie making, but into the life of one of its participants.

Meryl Streep had this to say about Pauline's book, "What a beautiful and moving story--as always on a film crew you create a "family" and this feels like a letter from a sister. You have created a beautiful personal memoir and I am honored to be part of it."

Click here to read excerpts from her new book.

To purchase this book contact
Pauline Lomas
583 Woodland Dr.
Sierra Madre, CA 91024

The book normally sells for $14.95, but readers of this site can purchase a signed copy of the book for $12.95, including postage.


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