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1999: If you're a regular here, then you've noticed that we haven't made many changes lately. Well, there's a good reason (read: excuse) for this! We've been busy building a completely new site called, the friendly place to learn how to build a better web site.

Click here to visit this great new site. You'll be glad you did.

Why eFuse? Everyone and their dog needs to build a web site these days. But even with the best software there's all sorts of stuff a mammal has to understand before it can create a truly useful site. Finding accurate and reliable info on the web today can be difficult, and when you do find it, it's usually so technical it can make your head explode. offers information, inspiration, and assistance written in plain English by professional writers and designers so it's easy to understand and apply. is for everyone who wants to build a more attractive and effective web site. Learn what you need, painlessly. No experience necessary. You'll be web-savvy in no time

Other sites are for technology professionals. is for professionals who use technology.

eFuse is about providing solutions to your most common problems. One reader wrote: "It seems as though you've figured out the major mistakes people make, and then written (or gathered) information that helps them overcome or avoid those mistakes." That's exactly what we try to do.

Visit The Wire, my new opinion column on i/us! Try some Desktop Yoga!

We're slow but surely passing the 300 page mark on this site. Here's the latest:

New Site Designs

Come see our latest site designs, everything from a slick and amusing Executive Search site, to a body/mind/spirit connection with the ancient Chinse art of Qigong.

More Logos

Two more pages of logos. Fresh. Juicy logos. Take a look!

For sale...

Buy some great-looking fonts, on-line, safely, right from this site. Or buy your way into a special site just for people who need to know more about type on the web. Or buy a brand new novel called Star Crazed!

We now accept First Virtual for secure on-line payments without your credit card number floating around cyberspace.

Desktop Yoga!

OK, come on now, admit it. You've been sitting in front of your computer, non-stop, for the last two years. The good news is that you don't have to leave your computer to do some fun, easy stretches that will help you avoid atrophy! Come see this unique new method!

The Wire!

Visit my new opinion column called The Will-Harris Wire This is where I'll cover timely topics--and computer and design topics that affect you. There'll be a new column every other week, so bookmark this site and visit it regularly. The first column cover the Microsoft/Apple deal.


You can buy copies of my rare-first-edition book TypeStyle: how to choose and use type on a personal computer. Accept no imitations. Get 'em while they're hot. Not available in stores. While supplies last. Void where prohibited by law. (OK, so this is not so new, but I just thought I'd remind you).

New Designs

Want to see new graphic stuff? No problem, just click here to see what's new in the Design Office--new logos, new business cards, new package designs, even new web site designs.

In TypoFile, you can read new product reviews and even read my predictions for the future of computing! (Yes, it's good for a laugh if nothing else.)

Next, you can view the new WebFonts area, complete with TrueDoc Dynamic Fonts (well, if you have Navigator4, you can). You will be so excited by this you won't know what hit you. Or not.

Am I forgetting something? Probably--so look around and who knows what you'll find (nothing unpleasant, I promise).

That's it for now. Are we having fun yet?

Read the Book!

Read The Lost Codes the on-going saga of Dakota Jackson, successful graphic designer by day-Internationally known secret agent evenings, weekends, and most holidays. His specialties are corporate identities and thwarting insane dictators hell bent on ruling the world. Can he find the McGuffin stone and decipher it's secrets written in the arcane language of HTML? The entire book (except for the last chapter which you can also read for free if you read the rest) is on-line for your entertainment (you vill be entertained!) Read it and see.

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