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Music CD

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rick carvasales music cd cover 

Rick Karvasales is a laid back singer who wanted a CD cover and package that truly reflected who he is and how he sounds. I took the photo of him, on his own porch, in sepia for warmth. I chose P22’s Cezanne for the album title, “Sweet Company,” and Intecsas’s Rasta Rattin Frattin for his name and URL. Both have a warm, personal feeling.

Rick Karvasales music CD back cover 

For the back cover, I scanned old photos he had and dropped them on the page as if they didn’t care. Once again, this adds a personal touch, as if you’re looking at his photo album (which, in a way, you are). The smaller text is set in ITC Highlander, a very soft, round, warm face.

Rick Karvasales Inside front cover 

Inside cover: Since there weren’t many photos available, I used the same one of him playing guitar on the beach for the inside cover. I chose a warmer color, to compliment the CD that would be seen next to it.


The CD itself duplicates the front cover design. I did this specifically because today a lot of people throw out the jewel cases, and while they may keep the paper inserts, it’s the CD itself they actually see when they play it. Rick’s pose was perfect for looking around the inside rings of the CD (which must be blank so that the CD works).

I’m available for CD design anywhere in the world, so if you’re interested, drop me a note.

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