6: Just Loafing Around

no time.
  He stuck his index finger into his belly button.

"Oh, I hate it when I get that linty stuff, too," Paula said.

"No, I never have lint," Dak sounded a little testy, and who wouldn't if their bare bottom was sitting on a cold, slimy floor? "I'm using my BBB (Belly Button Beeper) to signal for help. They never think of looking in your Belly Button, especially because I wear an artificial 'outie.'"

The beeper sent out a signal that pierced through the steel walls and silently echoed down the stone hall. The recipient? A pair of innocent-looking size 11 loafers in dark brown and burgundy Japo-Norwegian leather substitute. The shoes, laying where they were thrown, less than a foot from each other, snapped to attention, side by side, and proceeded to walk on their own.

While it looked like magic, it was just the simple science of magnetics. Each shoe had a different polarity which switched electronically. Each time the magnetic force changed, one shoe would be pushed in front of the other. It required no moving parts and worked almost anywhere. The shoes contained a homing device that would lead them to the location of the beeper, but Dak needed them fast, so he helped by operating them remotely. He pushed his bully button to the left or right at certain intervals, knowing the exact amount of time it took for each step.

Paula was beginning to think that Dak was either pretty strange, or had a novel way of contemplating his navel.

The shoes shuffled down the hall, unnoticed. One soldier did see them, but was afraid to admit he'd seen them, even to himself, and quickly decided that they were nothing more than the after effects of some questionable sauerbraten he'd had for lunch.

The shoes reached the steel cell door, then their magnetic attraction turned to the door itself, climbing up to the barred opening. Dak pulled them through and heaved a sigh of relief.

"Now you're not going to be completely naked," Paula said timidly, wondering how shoes were going to help.

Dak reached inside the left shoe and grabbed at a tab near the toe. He pulled and the lining of the shoe peeled off, creating a khaki colored piece of material about the size of a kitchen towel. Dak shook the material until it got bigger, once again, not magic, but simply the many highly compressed layers of non-woven Tyvek (the same thing that Federal Express envelopes are made of) unfolding.

Dak stepped into the jumpsuit which was cleverly designed without the need for zippers, buttons or even Velcro. Paula couldn't quite tell what was happening, but somehow Dak was now wearing the inside of his shoe, and actually managed to look quite smart in it.

Out of the other shoe came another piece of Tyvek, about the same size as the jumpsuit. Only this one had a pattern on it, a pattern that looked like, well, not unlike Dak.

"I'd ask you to help, but it would be rude," Dak told Paula before he proceeded to blow on the Tyvek object.

Chapter 7: Just Hanging Around

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