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Please take a look at my designs.  If you're interested in having me work for you, just drop me a note.

Cool Chat animated logo--cute

This was the initial  logo for a chat site called "CoolChat." Since  it's entirely web-based, an animated logo seemed  appropriate, and I like the way this one builds faces  from around the world on the letter C. The C is Letraset  Bergell, from ITC. The other type is GMNanogram  from FontHaus.

Coolchat phone logo

The client didn't feel  this was "cool" enough. So we went to the next  step, a kind of "Martini-cool." This was,  apparently, too cool. Typeface: Futura Bold.

The client wanted color.  I decided to simplify and focus on the color. I started  with the lips, then added the eye, then the word balloon.  The "beauty mark" was inspired by Cindy  Crawford. typeface: Pike from FontHaus.

Web-Axess Eiffel Tower Logo 2

One of the great things  about the web is that it allows me to work for clients  all over the world. This was a design for an internet  access provider in Paris--and what says Paris more than  the Eiffel tower which itself is a transmitting tower?  Typeface: Erazure, FontHaus. I prefer the first version  of the design. It's more informal and personal. But the  second is "grander."

Web-Axess Eiffel Tower Logo 1

Web-Axess Eiffel Final

This is the version the  company eventually chose. While I like it, I think it  lacks the sense of place that the Eiffel logos have.  There is an animated version where the red dot travels  along the blue line. Typeface: ITC Galliard from Bitstream.

Iíve also had several potential clients email me asking them to design a logo ďJust like that W one.Ē Well, folks, thatís not how it works. If you want a design that looks like this one, just copy it yourself. If you want a good logo, one that really says who your company is in a distinct way, then hire me and Iíll invent something, just for you.

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