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Please take a look at my designs.  I'm available for work no matter where in the world you  are. If you're interested in having me work for you, just drop me a note.


FontHandler  is a fine font management program for Windows. I created  this logo for them, along with their package design.  Typeface: Bank Gothic from Bitstream.


Jerry's World was a DTP  outlet on CompuServe. Since it was Jerry's world, after  all, it seemed only right to create a portrait of Jerry  hisself. He's just as colorful in person, which is a  little scary. Typeface: Pritchard from Letraset.


Daniel Pelavin is an illustrator who also sells  wonderful dingbats and small, high-contrast graphics that  make great starting points of logos like this one.  Typeface: Serifa.


Can you tell I like Art  Deco? Typeface: Pritchard.


There's a very  interested story behind the name of Gregory Case's MetaComm-Taxi. The logo itself was meant to be  fun. The graphic is from Ron and Joe at ArtParts (Woof!) The typeface is ITC Freddo.


More Windows was a  product that gave you a virtual large screen. It's no  longer available, but it was great at the time. This  was somewhat of am homage to 1939-style graphics. I like  the way the rectangles (screens) form a "W".  Typeface: Kabel.


Since this was a Windows  sound add-on, I thought it only fitting to base the  graphic on the sound icon (for Windows 3.1 at the time).  Typefaces: Industra and Shelley Allegro (Pro).


Long before John Lithgow  was "out of this world" on Third Rock from  the Sun, I designed this logo as an exercise for one  of my instructional videos. Typeface: Bremen.


Yes, it's mostly the  work of Gary Munch (the typeface, that is--which is GM  Nanogram). Adding the swirl wasn't a big deal--but hey,  it's supposed to be simple.

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