EsperFontoTypoFileWriting OfficeToni's TerritoryStore RoomKitchenGuestHome As a designer, I believe that logos are powerful symbols that help establish an identity for your company, group, or product. But as a person I also think a lot of fun. It's a challenge to create a visual personality based on a company's or product's personality. It's a weird, graphic form of portraiture, and it uses a great deal of symbolism, and knowledge of the psychology of forms and colors.

For each finished logo I design, I often design 6-12 other logos. I find it important not to stop with the first thing I design, even if I like it, because the more choice you give yourself, the better your final choice will be.

I'm available for work no matter where in the world you are. If you're interested in having me work for you, just drop me a note.


Technology - Color

Web Technology - Color

Technology - Mono

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