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A 1920's Berkeley cottage needed cosmetic help without any structural changes at all. The kitchen had a tired grey rubber floor and uninspired paint ; changing the color to a warm pumpkin, and the
floor to a retro vinyl in 1920's colors made the white marble counters and cabinets seem suddenly right.

The dining room in the same cottage was a sort of grey green; nice, but cold. I left that color on the outside of the corner cabinet, to compliment the table and a barn wood bench; but now the walls are a sunny "Brass Mesh", which take the eye to that warm kitchen beyond, and to the little treasure-filled alcove, now a wonderful green from Ralph Lauren Paint. It's a very comfortable room in any light, and art looks surprisingly well on the intense color.


Here's an example of how an old piece can be made new. This table is painted after the style of Arts & Crafts painter Lucia Matthews

A tall, stark room with inappropriate oak railings is transformed with color, limestone fireplace, handmade shoji screens where there had been no doors at all, handmade paper sconces, and a stunning metal railing . Far East meets the Mediterranean in this home for a transplanted European family.


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