Headpiece from Kafastan, in the northern mountains between Afganistan and Pakistan. Brown handwoven wool covered with buttons and cowerie shells worn by the sheepherdin g people of this remote, non-muslim region. $195

I've loved Afgani war rugs for years; this one is a combination of soumac and knotted carpet, and has an almost peaceful village represented with a river, Mosque , tea shop, houses, cars and a boom box, and only a few lingering helicopters and guns. The Taliban is discouraging pictoral
rugs, so these may dissapear for awhile. 5'4" X 8' $650

Typical Gabbeh from Iran; natural dyes, super thick wool pile. 2'4" x6'5" $450

Nice small Karghai carpet, the recent production of Afgani refugees in northern Pakistan. We have many examples and sizes of these vibrant carpets, all with vegetal dyes, some with handspun wool.

Stunning carpet from Konya, Turkey, based on an old Gabbeh design but looking very modern. Vegetal dyes, handspun wool. Size 5'x4'6" $850 one of a kind, but do have others of similar interest


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