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A corner of the store where I painted the striped wall, an oil pastel of a Colorado landscape and one of my decoupaged trays, and two of the egg prints.The cute French sailor hooks (found on one of my bi-yearly shopping trips to Paris) are sold.

A corner of my textile & sewing room.

I had always wanted a completely plaid room, so I made one for my birthday. The drawing of shoes is by Inverness artist Lisa Doron.

Painted white Victorian bookcase 5'h. x 3'w. x 10''d.  $325

  • Objects on it include a blue Eau de Toilette bottle
    from Paris, $40
  • Two vanity jars, each in a red leather case, also French, $35 each
  • A sweet old wooden standing mirror painted white $45

Wedding picture from Oaxaca, Mexico,@ 1930, $65 - one of many anonymous vintage photos

 Nuts and Bolts Chandelier - found the shop light with the holes burned in, added part of my rusty hardware collection  $95

Beautiful, large milagro cross from Oaxaca; covers just about any needed miracle, but features hearts $125

Above: Sometimes a girl needs a dog, so I made a large version of Nipper, the RCA dog. He was guarding my studio one day when genius web designer Daniel Will-Harris saw him and had to bring him home. Luckily, Daniel's wife has similarly good taste, and she was happy to see him (the dog, and, well, usually Daniel, too.).

Below: Two collages by local artist Shirley Salzman each $125 Left: Freida Kahlo as Madonna with Diego as Shiva." Right: The Last Cappucino "



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