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April 2005: I've returned from London and am living and working in Berkeley. I'm working as an interior designer and color consultant, as well as making my custom painted furniture. To inquire, kindly

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I'm Jennifer Thompson, and I came to California after 25 years in New York City working for restaurants, importers, decorative painters, accessories designers and interior designers.

I also spent a lot of time finding interesting pieces on the street, rescuing and re-designing them, with fabric and paint. Oh, and I raised a brilliant artist daughter...

I ran a store in Inverness for eight years, and have recently moved to Berkeley where I specialize in interior design and custom painted furniture.

Come inside and see samples of my work as well as rugs, and art. Also take a look at the items I have in stock and am selling on eBay.

I'm is happy to take custom orders for furniture, just send an email or call and ask.

The items you'll see on these pages showcase the types of items in store, but many of the pieces you see may already have been sold. To see the pieces I currently have in stock, visit the In Stock section.


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