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Please take a look at my designs.  If you're interested in having me work for you (anywhere  in the world), just drop me a note.

I never ask people what they want a design to look likeóbut how they want it to feel. Stacey Vornbrock created a unique service where she goes to homes, offices or events and sets up elegant high teas. Her instructions were to create something elegant, formal, traditional, yet also modern.

I have to say I was stumped for a while. I kept looking for teapot illustrations, and there just weren't any I thought worked. I often start with typefaces to give me the direction, and so I looked at a lot of formal script faces.

One of my favorites is a new one from Adobe called Bickham Script. It's a multiple master face, so it gives you a lot of control over weight. But what really intrigued me was the ornaments face, which had a lot of wonderful calligraphic swashes. I remembered seeing old illustrations that were done with a pen like calligraphy. So I put ornaments on the page and started to move them around, and pretty soon I had what looked like a teapot.

My first version was good, but my wife, who always makes great suggestions, said, "it needs more of a base" and we worked together and this finally emerged. The typeface used for the type is actually Carpenter, from Ė which ended up looking formal, yet more personal than Bickham (which is very very formal).


What can I say. I love to bake bread. So when asked to design this, I kneaded it. Sorry, I never do that.

In this case, a few simple lines around the edge indicated a loaf of bread. Adobeís Caflish Script (a wonderful informal script face thatís very easy to read), was just the right thing.


This bakery in Mendacino California wanted a very old-fashioned look. The type is wood type, the kind used in posters from the 1800s, and the time of the California Gold Rush.

This cafe was open only at night, thus the name and logo.


This logo was not the final logo I did for a health professional who used massage as part of her technique. The client found this too rough, but I loved the way the initials "H" and "T" were in the lines of the hand (which came from a scan of my own hands). The typeface is David Rakowski's RastaRattinFrattin, you can buy here.

I went through many variations on this one, including:



The final logo (shown below) is a stylized H that's also a t, and I like it, in a very simple, streamlined way. But the nice thing about the web is that it allows you to show work which you liked, but which didn't make it with the client!


This logo was designed for a group that was donating 20% of their profits to solve social problems. The Font is Modern #2

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