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The Guest Room

Any friend of ours
is a friend of yours

  • See William Barrett's witty "My Type of People" (with people literally made of type).
  • Meet Marden Carroll and read the first half of his sizzling Hollywood novel Star Crazed! for free! If you love it, which you will, you can buy it.
  • Go to John Grimes's site to see his great cartoons, or hire him to do illustrations. He's Mamie Eisenhower's love child, you know. You won't regret it. Go now. Go on. Click already!
  • Visit Chris Meeks and read his short story Carriers
  • Say Hello! to Pauline Lomas and read excerpts from her book Bridges: A Memoir of Love about her experiences on the set of the film Bridges of Madison County
  • I keep telling Chuck Green that he's a genius--because he is. His graphic design work is a rare blend of modern and classic, always works for his customers, and always looks beautifully crisp. Take a look!
  • Gerard Mariscalchi is a French/Canadian designer who creates great logos, typefaces, illustrations, calligraphy, even postage stamps! Visit his site.