Stefan Wennick - Taco Buffet

At least once every couple of weeks (sometimes even more often) I make my wife my own home-made tacos. It isn't exactly haute cuisine, but for some reason it has become her favorite dish lately.

It's sort of a mini-buffet kind of thing. I make a whole bunch of fillings and she gets to pick and choose to build her own tacos.

I do pretty much everything from scratch except the corn tortillas which I buy from a Mexican store. It is a fair amount of work but I love to do it because it gives me a chance to experiment with different hot spices (some of which we grow with varying degrees of success in our garden), peppers, etc.

With both of us working pretty hard during the week, we both really look forward to the one night when we pull together this one big meal. It is comfort-food for her (and me too, I guess). And, one of the really great things about food is not just the pleasure that comes from eating; but also the love and work that goes into preparing it and having it be really appreciated.

Stefan Wennik, stefan@bitstream.com

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