Bob Swaim - Market Day

Since my life has been a series of incredible meals (and I mean incredible -to start with, I've hit most of France's three star restaurants) it would be extremely difficult ot write about one. I guess the best thing would be to write about the most recent one.

It was a few days ago at my house on the French Riviera where a friend, a French chef, prepared an exceptional lunch of fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese with fresh basil and vine picked tomatoes (the starter) and (main dish)grilled sea-bass, home made mash potatoes with olive oil and asparagus etc.

Since I don't have time this very minute to write you a detailed and mouth watering account of the lunch (I just got back to Paris) I will send you a couple jpg photos attached to this email of the pre-preparation of my lunch (the market and the ingredients). A picture is worth a thousand words, anyway.

Bob Swaim - Bobswaim@compuserve.com




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