George Mitchell - Trifling Affair

Here is my recipe for my favorite dessert. A TRIFLING AFFAIR (this is the quickie version-I make the cake and custard from scratch but you can use box mixes for expediency sake)

White layer cake or pound cake
Triple sec
Strawberry jam
Fresh strawberries
Whipped cream sweetened with a little vanilla and honey.

Split layers of white cake in lengthwise. Place the first layer in a trifle bowl. Sprinkle the cake with triple sec. Spread a layer or strawberry jam over this. Cover with strawberries then an overlay of custard then cream.

Continue to layer until the bowl is full. Chill for several hours. Here's a helpful hint: The longer this dessert sits, the better it tastes.

Unfortunately the longer it sits, the less "pretty" it is. So if you you are going to let it sit for six or more hours, hold off putting on the final layer of whipped cream until a half hour before serving. Enjoy.

Brother George, GeorgeM164@aol.com

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