George Mitchell

Well my most memorable meal (or should I say snack) was balute (okay, I know I didn't spell that right, but I don't have a Filipino/English dictionary at hand) Anyway, it's a "treat" from the Philippines. An egg with a fully developed chicken embryo (or in my case a duckling) is taken and buried to ferment for a couple of weeks (at least this is what I was told at the time).

You then take the egg crack it, and eat the fermented chick. YUMMY. My mistake was to crack it then lay it out on a plate for a good, long look.  Once I got it in my mouth, the old throat said "I don't think so!" So here I'm playing "battling body" with me swallowing and the old throat rejecting. I figured it was clearly mind or matter and I finally got the whole mess down... only moments later to discover that the duck's upper beak had become wedged in my teeth....mmmmm. Oh well, when in Rome....

George Mitchell, 

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