Karen Linden (a warning)

In looking back over my years of eating, I found that I really don*t have a memorable meal. I discovered that I am more of a snacker than a diner. I tend to eat standing up or driving in my car. I either nuke it or buy it ready made. I rarely prepare a meal in the Good Housekeeping sense. I am always doing something else while eating—watching TV, working, reading, driving--you get the picture. I rarely get to eat the entire meal as I share the food with my kids (my five dogs—Olivia, Bobbie, DeeDee, Ricky & Willy - and they do insist upon a fair share).

So, in lieu of a description of my most memorable meal, I will share with you how I feel about food and eating. As a vegetarian, I have very definite views on food. ‘Eat to live, don't live to eat.' That about sums it up. The world would be a better place if we all lived by that axiom. There would be no war, no one would be hungry, peace and posterity would permeate the earth. Ok, so maybe that is a bit much, but it might be a start.

For example, a lot of the Rain Forest is being cut down to create grazing land for cattle for cheap beef. As the rainforest disappears our eco system is compromised as well as the loss of plants that could hold the key to possible cures for horrible diseases that now plague man - yada yada yada--and so the connection grows. Everything is connected to everything else and as the low end of the food chain gradually disappears, it is only a matter of time before the top is lost as well. We won't even get into growth hormones, pesticides, animal cruelty, cholesterol, saturated fat and salmonella.

So next time you plan a memorable meal - remember the best meal you can have is one that is not only good for you but good for the world and our future.

How's that for preachy and didactic? Now, pass the cake (no eggs, sugar or dairy, please).

Karen Linden,

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