Linda Kotter
Mafioso, The Duke and Bees

Luckily I have had many memorable meals. Once, I ate with an aging Mafioso, and twice with an Austrian Duke. I ate lunch in the grounded basket of an old hot air balloon, and picnicked on a frozen Minnesota lake. Squirrel, truffles, whale (before it was endangered), rattlesnake, bees-I have eaten and enjoyed them all. Sadly, I only remember bits and pieces of these dramatic feasts, a lacy napkin here or a hearty stew there.

I recall every bite of only 2 meals, both from childhood. In 4th grade, for at least a week, I had a severe stomach ailment. Sick as I had ever been, empty, hollow really, I clutched my love object, the baby doll, Jimmy, hoping he could rise to heaven with me.  First, they fed me delicious ice chips, nectar of the gods, soothing, sweet.  I kept them down! At last, the next morning, I hungered. Smilingly, my mother brought a mahogany bed tray, with a lace edged napkin and a daisy in a tiny vase. On a green depression glass plate rested soft boiled eggs on toast, a dish I had previously hated. But on that morning those eggs were food from the gods. Soft yet slightly crisp, fragrant, colorful, each nourishing bite bringing me back to life. I taste the creamy richness still...

Recipe: Soft Boiled Eggs on Toast
2 slices toasted white bread, slathered with real butter
2 three minute eggs

Crack an egg over each piece of toast, spreading evenly. Salt and pepper to taste. Serve with orange juice or milk, wasting not a single thought on fat content. A fine recovery dish for kids of all ages.

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